Monday, November 18, 2013

A Valid Reason She Dumped Me

In The Book of Finch and Letters to Whomever I talk about how heartbroken I was to lose my good friend, Annie Liability. She dumped me, and I had no idea how to explain it.

In LTW, I postulate that there really may have been a valid reason why she dumped me, assuming it may have been because of my masturbation "problem".

But, regular society doesn't view masturbation as a problem, and even views it as an escape valve from other problems like fornication and worse.

But, even if masturbation is not a problem---- Annie may still have had valid reason to dump me.

When I was friends with her, a lot of my email with her centred on the LDS church, on The Book of Mormon and other scriptures, almost as if she and I were scripture study buddies.

Her parents didn't like our relationship, her father said he was concerned about my discussion of the religion. I viewed this as ground to try and have him excommunicated.

Well, it turns out that church history, church doctrine and LDS scriptures are all very concerning actually, these things are so concerning that this WOULD be considered a valid reason to dump me.

And excommunicating them might not work either, because if they are actually telling the truth about how concerning mormonism is. It would be a nightmare to excommunicate someone for telling the truth.

The only problem is, I suppose you could say their explanation of concern over the church would have explained it and it would be a valid reason ----- the problem is I had been brainwashed all my life to always understand or believe that Mormonism is the unerring truth, and no one for many years explained to me quite WHY mormonism was a concerning religion.

How said is that? That the LDS church actually tries to hide the truth - that they can't just be straightforward about the history and the problems?

It makes the LDS church seem very dishonest, and I totally understand why someone would be grumpy or angry for having wasted their lives with that sort of thing.

So yeah, I suppose Annie Liability dumped me for a valid reason, which her father explained, but did not compute in my mind because of how brainwashed I was.

And the part Avril Lavigne had to play in my life was VERY helpful, although the way it helped is not the way it appeared that it would help. Wow.


As for my video game, I got an alpha build a few days ago, I've fixed some bugs, I've installed in-app-purchasing, and everything seems to be the way it should be.

Of course, to find out if everything is as it should be, I'm going to need beta testers (closed beta), in order to make sure the game works and is well balanced.

If I ever thought I didn't need to beta test, well, it is evident that beta test is needed because of some of the hidden bugs I found when playing with the game by myself.

And it's so good to have those fixed.

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