Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What Mormonism Can Do That Would Not be Wrong

So, I've been watching some videos on Youtube. I watched one recent video by Shawn McCraney where he talks about Dieter F Uchtdorf's recent general conference talk.

Uchtdorf apparently confessed that church leaders and members did some stupid things. This is good for the mormon church.

McCraney gives some suggestions on what more the mormons can do here, but still trying to make it clear mormonism is wrong.

Here is my suggestion that Mormonism can do that would be alright::::

Invite and Inspire people to develop true and meaningful relationships with GOD.

On the surface, this sounds like Mormonism as I knew it when I was younger. It sounds like regular christianity too. Unfortunately, it might be a situation where you got all kinds of mormons who don't really know God or Jesus and have no real relationship with Deity. This can be exampled by the large number of ex-mormons who go into atheism rather than christianity (as I've already observed on this blog).

You can have all the masonic temple ceremonies you want, but that won't get you anywhere ---- Just teach people to develop personal relationships with God. The true, real God. Get them praying, get them believing.

I think if people truly developed real relationships with God we would see a decline in the amount of Mormon atheism.

That's pretty much my suggestion that both christians and mormons can get along with::: Just pray to God, read the NEW TESTAMENT.

I'll just note that I think the bible said somewhere that Moses would that all men were prophets. That sounds like the right way to go ---- encouraging everyone to live in a way and know God in a way that He could really possibly appear. This is also relatable to a recent LDS talk I heard given by an apostle at a CES Devotional.

There are a lot of questionable things about Mormonism, I think there are some really good things about some of the mormon ideology, but there has been so much of the negative as well. To tell the truth, I can not bring myself to understand or wrap my mind around this whole church or religion ---- It starts getting very confusing very quickly once you've really studied it.

But, I think if Churches, including Mormon Churches, if they started teaching people to develop real personal relationships with God, that would help start setting things straight. And yes, in that relationship be sure to LOVE GOD.

I thought I had more to say after that last sentence, but now my mind is blank. I guess I've said enough.

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