Thursday, October 31, 2013

Weights and Balances in Deciding

One of the good things about Mormonism is teaching to become like Jesus Christ.

Jesus said "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your father which is in heaven is perfect". Being like God or Jesus or whatever is a perfectly desirable trait, nothing wrong with the LDS desire to be like Christ.

And of course, to be like Christ, you have to learn about him, and hopefully you'll learn the truth about him.

And though Mormon doctrine is good enough to teach people to be like Jesus-----

One of the things I observed about actual Mormonism in practise was this:

1) They don't care if you can work miracles, it doesn't matter.

2) Saving Avril Lavigne's soul wasn't worthwhile, though her soul is worth so much in the sight of God, her soul just couldn't be saved or needed no attention.

3) Miracles don't matter, a young woman's soul don't matter, but if you damage their property they'll be up in your face, forgiving you by forcing you on drugs and making you disbelieve in God.

There are good things about the Mormon church and doctrine. There are some bad things about Mormon church and doctrine.

I think the church is unliveable for a guy like me, even if I were to believe the Mormons I still doubt I'd find salvation.

I mean, when a Mormon is "saved", it means they've attained some form of perfection. Unfortunately, the definition of perfection is not universally understood.

Be perfect even as your father in heaven.

You might think being perfect means no work on the Sabbath. But Jesus decided that picking corn on the Sabbath was OK. It's these kinds of distinctions that you have to make between perfectly following some interpretation of Commandments, and perfectly being just like God himself, and knowing who God is.

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