Friday, October 11, 2013

SERIOUS FACEPALM --- Atheism in the LDS church

I recognize how Joseph Smith could be considered wrong by both theist and atheist alike for really stupid things he did like making up The Book of Abraham, while pretending to have translated it from Egyptian Papyri.

But in a lot of these ex-mormon videos I've seen::: Why are there so many of these ex-mormons who express no faith in God and a belief in Atheism?

There was once a TV show of an exmormon who converted to "real" christianity who tried to show how mormonism was wrong. This sort of exmormon behaviour is understandable in that when he was mormon he did believe in God.

But why are so many of these people who are ex-mormons, why do they have no belief in God at all?

I have to seriously facepalm here, if we have conscious thinking 8+ year olds who all decide to get baptized who never seriously really believed in their religion or in God at all.

Yes, I realize that 8 year olds are considered accountable in mormonism, but my personal basic study in psychology, just from personal experience, shows that many children below the age of majority do not really have serious critical thinking skills.

There are reasons why telling an 8 year old he's accountable and trying to develop him into a responsible person at a younger age is a good idea, but I think it's kind of ridiculous how many young people joined the church without really actually considering, caring or having any belief in any God at all. They just joined the church even though they NEVER really believed. If they did believe, well, in my own experience, my belief bore fruit that led me to a knowledge that there really IS a God.

So many so-called baptized mormons drop out because they either never believed in God or because they never figured his existence was really proven. I can understand leaving the church when you become an atheist ---- but when you got baptized, there should have been some recognition of your faith in God. In my own experience my faith in God bore fruit to let me know He's REAL.

Of course, there are SOOOOO MANY good reasons to dump LDS mormonism. I do find myself being discouraged about the church for all sorts of stupidities found in the organization.

But the unique difference in myself is that though the LDS church is seen as HEAVILY FLAWED ----  despite these weaknesses, I also see that there really was some sort of Good and some sort of truthful reality in some form of the Magic of LDS mormonism.

The LDS church is a certified "Super-Facepalm-Organization" (I just made that up), and though their scriptures probably aren't even totally correct ---- In my own experience I know that certain high ranking priesthood holders really do have some kind of magic power, or genuinely appeared to be truly magical somehow.

I'm not interested in going back to church and I am or have given up on it all.  I am just a little obsessed about the things that went wrong with my mormon life, though, I guess.

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