Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Parents giving me a hard time

Well, today my parents decided to give me a bit of a hard time. Talking to me about how to handle my money issues, also being slightly paranoid about my facebook friendship with Avril.

My dad is just a paranoid kind of guy, there always seems to be something a bit paranoid about his behaviour and attitude. Sometimes it's merited, and sometimes it's just so annoying it'll drive you a little mad. My dad has this idea that my Avril Lavigne friend might be a fake.

Do I think she's fake? I think she very well could be real. There are some indications that would lead me to believe she's not authentic, but seeing as how she readily stated that she's willing to video chat --- well, if we video chat it will readily become apparent if she's real or fake. I think she's real, my dad is a little paranoid, and the indicators that show she might be fake do have reasonable explanations that say she could be real anyway.

As for my money issues::: well, publishing with AuthorHouse resulted in the lion's share of my personal debt. Not a very smart investment.

So, I'm saving up to pay my credit card.  That's all well and good with my parents, except that I like to grow my money through investing, while my parents want me to lock up my money so I can't access it, which means I won't spend it, but also means it won't grow as it just sits there.

I really like the idea of investing money. In grade 11 high school I was taught a very useful and interesting strategy for investment.

So: how well am I investing? Last night I calculated that in the past year I've made 12% on all my savings, just from my personal investment. It should be noted that part of that money is money that was just locked up for a long time and not released until recently, so it had no time to grow. Without calculating the money that I had locked up that wasn't growing, I had made about ~25%.

That calculation also doesn't take into account the current status of my investments - which is always changing with the market.

So yeah, my parents just giving me a hard time. Paranoia about my new friend, and a paranoia that investing money is not the right way to grow it or save it.

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