Wednesday, October 9, 2013

On Next-Gen Game Consoles

It's not very often I use this blog to talk about gaming, as I am pretty much a casual gamer at this point in my life, so from the perspective of a casual gamer, lets discuss the NEXT GEN GAMING CONSOLES.

XBox One. There's ONE thing I can say about this: There is about ONE game that's coming exclusively to it that I would want to play through. I'm not a big gamer anymore, so it's probably not worth $500 of my money to buy this thing just to play QUANTUM BREAK.

PS4. If Dust 514 gets upgraded to PS4, deprecating the PS3, then I probably would get a PS4 at that point. Destiny might be exciting, but that I can get that on an Old-Gen console either way.

To be truthful, I don't have much reason to spend a lot of money on a game console that I probably won't use much anyway. On the old gen consoles, I still have to get through Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3. I played partway through both those games over a year or two ago, and I still haven't bothered to finish.

So, when it comes to PS4's an XBox's, I really have little reason to upgrade considering I barely play anything anymore. Dust 514 would be pretty much the only reason to upgrade right now. Quantum Break might be cool, but I should stay back and try to finish Max Payne 3 and Red Dead on the older consoles first.

Nintendo? I stopped being a Nintendo gamer a long time ago, long before the GameCube was even released. The only Nintendo we owned was a couple game boys, and we only rented the tv console a few times in my childhood. Nintendo was probably the first game console I played on --- but it didn't stick.

SOOOOO ---- when I want to game, what do I play? To tell the truth, due to it's inexpensive nature, that I REALLY LIKE the OUYA. It really appeals to me as a casual gamer, as I don't have to spend much on it, I can easily and cheaply buy the next one if I want to (and I do) and I can BUILD GAMES for it.

When I first got my OUYA, shortly after it's release date, I pretty much immediately started building a video game for it, which I released, and am ranked at the 54th percentile on the O-Rank with.

It's great, the ability to write and build your own console games. Great for casual gamers to select from, fun to build.

I am working on a second video game. I spent the last two days working on it. I'm taking it slow, but I'm making progress. It might even be more fun to build your own videogame than it is to play one bought in a store, and this makes the OUYA awesome.

Will I upgrade to Xbox One? Not likely, if my brother wants one, he'll get one.
Will I upgrade to PS4? Only if Dust 514 is upgraded to this device from the PS3, and then my brother would probably get it himself anyway.
Nintendo --- not a chance.
OUYA ---- AWESOME!!! CHEAP! Fun enough for a casual gamer, as it has a wide variety of games that are free to play, and one can have even more fun BUILDING their OWN videogame!

Yeah, so this is my blog post about game consoles. I'm excited about the OUYA, it's the kind of console a guy like me would like. Cheap, great selection of games that can be played casually, and even more fun when one builds a game for it without cost by themselves. It's awesome.

Maybe this post isn't necessary, but I guessed I might as well explain how I feel as a "gamer". I'm basically in the OUYA boat. Xbox and PS look interesting, but they're so expensive it's unlikely that I'd buy them at this point, especially as I am more of a casual gamer.

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