Monday, October 28, 2013

New Version of Pfhonge - Am I being haunted???

So, a couple days ago I thought I'd work out a new version of Pfhonge. It doesn't crash like the old one, it plays smoother and it's got a nice new prettier menu, as well as menu music.

There is one problem however: Whenever I play a 2 player game against my own parents, my controller stops responding properly, while their controller functions perfectly.

In my most recent game with my dad, for the first 90% of the game my controller wasn't responding properly and his was working fine. Only during the last 10% of the game did I get proper responses out of my controller.

In 1 player 'You vs OUYA' games, my controller works just fine. In 2 player me against myself games, without my parents, the controllers work just fine.

I don't know what it is. My controller just stops working properly when I'm playing with my parents.

It's like I'm being haunted this Halloween.

And, of course, yesterday I submitted the new version, 1.3.2, for approval for the OUYA store, so hopefully they'll get back to me on that and I'll get the game delivered to everyone who wants to play.

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