Sunday, October 13, 2013

Feeling pretty High

I go to sleep late at night, I wake up in the morning laughing to myself, I'm brushing my teeth and falling over from the laughter.

I feel so high that you would think that I have a substance abuse problem.

The only substances I should be on right now are my Paliperidone Invega psychiatric drug injection, and a whole crapload of caffeine. I don't touch alcohol, I don't have any other drugs.

All of my personal refrigerator soft-drink stash consists of caffeine-free drinks. I only buy a small number of caffeinated twelve packs. The reason is, I go to a local store and get a huge fountain drink of caffeine, and I also sometimes stop at starbucks and get a big coffee drink.

I am so loaded on caffeine that if my refrigerator stash was caffeinated I would definitely be intoxicated - I'm sure it's happened to me before.

Anyway, I am so high that I sit and laugh and giggle to myself and I have a hard time standing up straight or anything. I am seriously on the brink of falling over when standing still because of how bad my "high" is. I just feel so good.

I would say that I might be intoxicated on something. Caffeine? Paliperidone?

Jesus turned water into wine ---- what unknown substance lurks in my soft-drinks? Anything at all? I don't really know.

So yeah, I am just high. It's comical and dizzying how much I'm laughing to myself and almost falling over - I'm serious, you should have seen me in the bathroom, looking in the mirror doing my toothbrush and listerine, I was like, falling over one way, correcting, and then falling over the other. I am so high. No illegal substances except for Coffee and Cola either.

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