Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Does the Mormon God Really Care? At All?

I was just thinking about how I offered God my lifetime of service in exchange for exaltation (which entails marriage in the LDS church).

Somehow, though I offered God a whole lifetime of service, God couldn't be bothered to give me or let me have my wife. All the candidates for my female companion who came up were "taken away" in one way or another. Someone with God's authority just couldn't allow it.

I offered God my lifetime of service, and he couldn't give me my wife. I mean, what more can I offer than my whole life? What more does it take for God to let me have a girlfriend?

I suppose, perhaps, that my masturbation "problem" was just too much of a problem for God to allow me to marry, or serve.

Being sexually driven by my natural physiology, God couldn't let me have an actual woman, and couldn't let me serve either --- just because I'm too darned horny.

And that's the other thing ----- Jesus Christ is supposed to save us from our sin, yet for some reason God, or Jesus, never freakin' bothered to save me from my masturbation. Wow.

That's how incredible the Mormon God is. Won't let me marry, won't let me serve, condemns me for a habit that he won't bother to save me from. Freakin' wonderful. That's the great true God of the Mormon gospel.

Btw ---- I do believe in God, I know there's a God, but somehow the God I know or believe in hasn't given me my wife and condemns me for a masturbation addiction that He won't bother to save me from. Hmmmppphhhh.

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