Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Did a REALLY GOOD telepathy test today.

Today I did three alpha-numeric-pick 3 mind reading tests on my Father.

Test 1:
I said: 7GR
He said: 4CV

This test was not impressive, except that G and C are similar, and his 4 was drawn like my 7, except his 4 connected at the end while mine was separated.

Test 2:
I said: (J or U) R 8
He said: R A 7

I got the R right, and nothing else.

Test 3:
I said: 8 N R
He said: 8 N H

I got the first two characters EXACTLY correct. the odds of achieving this feat are:
If you calculate this BOX style, it's 1:222
If you calculate this STRAIGHT style, it's 1:1333

Oops, having problems with the blogger thing, just gonna post and get this figured out.

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