Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Good Value of Mormonism

Though Mormonism may be a heavily flawed religion or group of religious people, it has some good values, and I say this so I'm not viewed as being totally slanted against them.

I mean, mormonism has really "offended" me over time, but at its essence it has some good values:

1) Miracles. I do think there is a true miraculous reality in mormonism, even if a lot of ex-LDS people somehow for some reason convert to atheism.

2) Being a good person, choosing the right. The mormon teachings about doing the right thing and being a good person are valuable. It is good to teach good morals, so society and families don't degrade into complete crap.

Of course, with the emphasis on perfection and choosing the right, there is a big problem in the church with unforgiving behaviour.

Actually ---- the whole topic of forgiveness can be completely confusing when dealing with Mormons, and the LDS apostles did recognize this in a past general conference. Mormons aren't very good with forgiveness doctrine.

Anyway, teaching a personal relationship with God, teaching Miracles, and teaching Good Behaviour are good things about mormonism.

Of course, though they technically teach these things, that doesn't mean mormons are very good at it in practise, but what the Mormons teach is good enough that it is easy to love the religion --- until you find out about how fouled up it can become at which point you leave, even if you really did love Mormonism.

I don't think Joseph Smith did a very good job of developing the church. I think he was a very, very flawed "prophet".

Mormonism has numerous good things about it, but at some point for some of us it just becomes too foul to want to stay with anymore.

Good things about mormonism:: 1) Teach personal relationship with God. 2) Teach miracles. 3) Teach good behaviour.

some bad things about mormonism:: 1) Doctrine on forgiveness is completely confused and misused and misunderstood. 2) Somehow it seems like a lot of people who were mormon just stop believing in God, which is a very sad thing about the church.

That's the short of my discussion on this topic. I am personally disaffected from Mormonism, but I still have some respect for them, though not a whole lot and sometimes it seems to fade.

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