Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Unrecorded Testimony

In The Book of Finch I discuss three nights in early October 2010 where I believe I had seen Jesus Christ. But - as the THIRD night is described in my book, well, I told the truth in that description of what happened - but it wasn't the full truth. There are other minor details I left out, just in case there is any man who can identify himself as the man I saw who could verify his identity to me.

I DID send Avril Lavigne's Bandaids Fanclub a message discussing what I saw, so they have a more complete record of what happened - but I left part of the story out just to see if I can verify the identity of the actual person I saw. Thus far, my across the street neighbours have only moved away, and no one has come forward with the truth about what happened that night.

I would just like to say that it is true that I might be misidentifying people when I think I'm identifying Jesus Christ. I'm going with the best information I have and understand.

There were mysterious appearances in October 2010 to me, and I believed them to be of Jesus Christ. However --- it may have been an angel and I was completely off - I do not know. My understanding is and was that the man I saw was supposed to be Jesus Christ.

But just let me make it abundantly clear::: The Book of Finch has NEVER contained a full account of what happened on the third night in October 2010 (October 9th I think it was). I did leave some things out, which can only be verified by the man I saw, or by an Avril fanclub person who received my description of that night.

To tell the truth, October 2010 was a very freaky time, with those three nights, and I have no doubt in my mind that I was experiencing some kind of paranormal or supernatural phenomena. Even on the third night --- all evidence from what I see in my memory suggests that there was something completely abnormal about the man I encountered.

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