Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Healing Power of Prayer

So, all morning this morning I went through my daily routine feeling a little down, feeling a little lethargic, a little depressed.

As I sat alone in the living room of my house just moments ago, I decided to pray a bit.

I prayed to God the Father, or God, about how I think I'm beyond the saving reach of LDS mormonism --- that much like Avril Lavigne, the Mormons don't have much of a hope in hell of saving my soul.

After I said that prayer, I felt much better inside, I am no longer depressed, not lethargic, I'm feeling quite a bit "happier".  It was like a magic change within my soul as soon as I prayed to God telling him that the Mormons can't save my soul anymore.

I've actually known for a long time that it's very unlikely that the mormons are going to save me, but I suffer psychologically from the memory or trauma of having to deal with that church, so I am just grateful that I could pray to God about my lack of mormon salvation and I would feel so much better inside.

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