Sunday, September 29, 2013

Saw the 'false christ' again, it's just some guy

Yesterday I mentioned on this blog that I saw a "christ-like" appearing guy with a pornographic image on his shirt.

I saw him again today. He's just some guy.

But he's not the same "christ-like" appearance that I mention in my book. He has different features from the guy I really did identify as Jesus in my book.

In my book, I identify 2004, 2008, and 2006 Jesus as the same guy, except 2006 Jesus just had some real weight gain, as per my prayers that christmas season. If 2006 wasn't the same guy, well, 2004 and 2008 were the same guy, and I have some reason to believe he really could have been the real Jesus.

BUT, my 2010 sighting of Jesus Christ is the most likely and most spooky sighting I've had yet, but I can't certainly verify that 2010 was the same as 2008 and 2004.

2010 Jesus may have been a different Jesus from 2008, but it might have been the same - I really can't know for certain, as in 2010 Jesus kept his head covered by his costume on 2 nights and on the third night he was covered in darkness, I couldn't see him very well.

BUT ---- even though I totally expected the the being I was looking at in 2010 and 2008 to be Jesus, even if the thoughts in my head told me I was about to see Him before I saw Him, I still can't really be sure that it really was him. I thought it was him, it looked like him, but I can't be certain it really was him, especially as he didn't greet me and say, "Hi, I'm Jesus Christ".

2008 and 2010 were special experiences because I was expecting to see Jesus Christ just moments before he appeared, and the appearance did appear to be Him. And from what I saw in 2008, I would understand the guy in 2004 to be the same guy as in 2008. And I was praying about fat Jesus in 2006 before I saw fat Jesus.

It's remarkable, but even if I personally witness someone who I would have thought to be the saviour, even if I was predicting His coming appearance to me by the thoughts in my head ---- there's little way to be certain that it really was actually Him.

So maybe I'm completely wrong - I respect the idea that I may have been deceived. But, considering the remarkable nature of my life and life's story, I may have been right too. It's hard to tell.

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