Thursday, September 12, 2013

Results of an Excellent Telepathy Test

I haven't done many telepathy tests for a long time, so feeling like I'm a bit out of practice, I asked my father to write down three NUMBERS between 0-9.

I did only numbers this time because I felt like I was out of practice. (is it practise with an 's' or practice with a 'c'? I can't remember, and I think different versions of english have it different)

I made my attempt to read his mind.

So, Here are the results:

I wrote down: 9 (2 or 7) 0

My dad's answer: 7 9 0

So, I got all three correct in the wrong order with a two stuffed in there. That was pretty good --- it would have been good enough to put on Youtube, except we didn't have a camera running.

Yay. I am mentalist. Yippee.

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