Tuesday, September 10, 2013

On LDS Mormon Doctrine of Forgiveness

The LDS church teaches that we are required to forgive all men their trespasses.

The LDS church also teaches that in order to forgive YOU MUST FORGET.

So --- this seems to tell me that we are REQUIRED TO FORGET ALL MEN.

Now ---- let me illustrate for you exactly how retarded this doctrine is.

Lets say someone busted into your home and killed everyone in your family, everyone in your house, except for you.

Lets say, as per usual, that the church is gonna start requiring you to forgive the murderer.

So, a few years down the road and you'll be saying "Why don't I have my family anymore? Where did they all go? I can't remember what happened to them".

I mean, it is obvious that they were all killed off in a horrible massacre, but because the church has required you to forgive, and therefore forget, you are going to wander through the rest of your life like a retarded individual because you can't seem to remember why your family is no longer around.

That is pretty retarded.

Then, add how much you are supposed to forgive all men of their trespasses, and then by the end of your life you'll be a demented old person who has no idea what happened to yourself earlier in life.

"What? What was the cuban missile crisis? I don't remember"

"What? who attacked New York? I don't remember"

I mean, it should be obvious that this mormon doctrine of requiring forgiveness and then forgetting all that you forgive is actually just plain retarded.

I'm sorry if it seems like I'm targeting a group here, but I grew up LDS, and I had to be brainwashed by their system of thinking for most of my life. I'm just examining the facts of what I learned from them and now I realize why I became mentally ill ---- I wasn't allowed to remember the horrible things other members did to me - so, I lost my mind.

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