Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mormonism Isn't True.

The title of this post would be a very shocking thing to say in LDS circles, and would earn you disrespect.

But, when you look at Matthew 5:22 and the Joseph Smith translation ---- well, from what I've learned in my own research ----- Joseph Smith couldn't translate anything worth a darn.

Matthew 5:22 says "That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment"

I have since learned that numerous other translations of the bible correct the error in the KJV so that there need not be any justification for anger - anger is actually just plain wrong and is in danger of the judgment regardless of whether its justified or not.

Anyway, the Joseph Smith Translation DID NOT change this scripture, Joseph Smith did not get the actual interpretation of this scripture.

The closest J Smith got was to change the text of Matthew 5:21 - and to tell the truth, that was probably a BS change in text as well.

There are many reasons to understand that Mormonism isn't true - and it's such a pity, it is so unkind that older LDS people like brainwashing the younger generations into these belief systems.

But, I am feeling a whole lot better now --- now that I am rejecting mormonism. In my mind I have declared it to be an untrue religion ---- and I have no holy spirit feelings telling me I'm wrong. In fact, I still feel good and happy anyways.

But there really is something wrong with mormonism. I believe it could be a religion of the devil.

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