Tuesday, September 24, 2013

More Discussion on Mormonism

Now I appear to be spamming my own blog with my thoughts on this topic. Hmm.

Anyway, so, when presented with things like the Kinderhook (Kinderhoek? Sp?) Plates, and how Joseph Smith totally fell for it ---- is that evidence that makes the church fraudulent?

I personally wouldn't say the church was a complete scammy fraud, I would say it's more likely that it's actually a satanic deception.

If the church is the true church - you have to face the fact that Joseph Smith Jr was extremely not smart, and that mormons are severely imperfect people to the point that you'd want to stop believing in the church anyway.

There are lots of reasons to believe mormonism is fraudulent.

There are some reasons to believe it has reality to it.

And it's hard to decide if it's of the Devil or if it really came from God.

Joseph Smith really may have met two glowy white guys in the forest: but there is a possibility that it was not Jesus and God like he thought it was.

Compare that with how I have a personal testimony of seeing who I thought was Jesus, and how I can not perfectly verify that it actually was the real Jesus. I just thought it was Jesus.

I can't say to know for certain whether Mormonism is of God or the Devil. But, as Mormonism is so severely imperfect, there's a big chance it could be of the devil --- because if God was relying on Mormons to save the world, then I think we'd all actually be doomed at that point.

I grew up as a mormon, and I know the LDS magic is real. But I also know that they are a very severely imperfect people.

Now - if only I could get my mind off this topic: even if God is behind the Mormons, I'm so annoyed at the religion in my personal life that going to church doesn't become important anymore, and I might not gain salvation anyway, unless I am already saved. It's pass or fail, and I'm not sure what else I can do about it.

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