Friday, September 20, 2013

Getting to the Truth

Getting to the truth of life, reality, and everything is a very interesting topic.

I've decided to release The Book of Finch for FREE again, in hopes that I might provoke thought about the actual truth of life, the universe and everything. Douglas Adams was wrong. It's not 42. It's 23. ((*joking*))

Anyway, so - I've denied the church, I still feel good inside. But certain facts remain:::

I have tried to be as truthful as I can in my witness bearing about certain things, sometimes i make mistakes, sometimes I don't tell the whole story, but some facts remain::::

When I got my LDS patriarchal blessing, I really did see a vision of pure white behind closed eyes. I saw something completely abnormal in that experience -- you never see pure white when your eyes are closed. Either it was authentic magic, or maybe the patriarch drugged me with the anointing or something.

About the period of time when Jeffery R Holland was in Calgary, I really did see a man or being who appeared to be, and I personally identified, as Jesus Christ. He looked very much like he was Jesus. I did hear voices as I followed him down the street talking of catching fish. No one else was around.

In October 2010 I experienced three nights where I was supposedly seeing Jesus. I mean, I definitely saw SOMEONE unusual --- but whether or not it was actually Jesus is really unknown.

I do not know for certain that The LDS Church is really true -- there is so much evidence against it.

But I know that Dallin H Oaks and Gerald Causse really did answer my prayers that I said in private to God.

I mean, I can deny the church and still feel good. I can stop believing in mormonism and still feel happy.

But, to be painfully honest, nothing removes the fact that there does appear to be a very real magic about Mormonism. I have tried to explain that the magic might be some form of Satanism, as that could be a logical explanation.

I find it easy to stop believing in the church because I am so imperfect personally that I cannot be saved in an LDS temple, unless the mormons changed the rules, I am just too imperfect.

It is also easy to deny the church when you see all the overwhelming contrary evidence.

So --- I do not claim to KNOW the real answers about mormonism, because I have experienced some certain magic-type experiences in the church that would suggest there is some sort of reality to it.

I think the church is in a bad state, and has been for many years, and I can even deny and stop believing in the church ------- but nothing changes how I saw the being who appeared to be Jesus Christ, nothing changes my patriarchal blessing vision, nothing changes the accuracy or potential accuracy of what the patriarchal blessing predicted either.

People like to condemn mormonism as false. I understand.

But I am a personal eyewitness testifier that Mormonism DOES have some kind of magic about it --- even if it is just satanism.

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