Saturday, September 28, 2013

False Christs in my area

There have been a number of occasions where I walk through my community and see different people with Christ-like appearances wearing completely wrong clothing.

It's obvious that they aren't the real Jesus  because they are all somehow different, and I really have to wonder why they wear such wrong messages on their clothing

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Now that I'm back at my computer where it's easier to type, I will state my observation:::

We have some kind of issue in our community with people dressed up or trying to look like Jesus, except instead of being what you'd expect from Jesus, they have completely wrong messages on their clothing.

I could say, maybe its Jesus taking upon himself the sins of the world.

I could also say that it's a false christ.

And for some reason, some of them look like they're from biker gangs.

The thing about my personal Jesus identifications vs these new sightings is that it looks like a DIFFERENT Jesus.

So either Jesus can seriously drastically change his own appearance from day to day and wears sinful clothing to display his personal sacrifice for sin, or it's false Jesi advertising sin, or we just have a gang of bikers who like appearing like Jesus but display their variously selected sinful messages.

The types of things I see some of these guys wear:

"HEDONISM" printed on the shirt.

"DILLIGAF" printed on the shirt (look it up in the urban dictionary, like, do a google search)

And one Jesus with a very pornographic image printed on his shirt.

Why do they all look like Jesus? Why do they all represent such sin? How am I seeing these things? Am I just being mocked by a biker gang?

Obviously, I myself am not an all-knowing repository of the answers.

But I will say that I have had some real sightings in the past that seemed to be more likely to be the actual saviour.

Of course, maybe I'm just a bad guy myself. Maybe I am a false prophet of a satanic God, or satan is trying to deceive me. I really have no idea.

I am freakin' crazy.

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