Friday, September 20, 2013

Deluded and Hallucinating about Yankee Doodle Founding Fathers

OK - so my Dad and I went out a bit in our van this morning to the bottle depot, food place, and to pick weeds in the community.

As my dad picked weeds, I sat in the van and just waited and watched. But something weird happened.

Maybe 50-70 feet away from in front of my view, I saw a man dressed in dress pants, a vest and a certain kind of jacket walking around on the streets. His hair seemed kind of big and poofy - and white.

So, at the distance I saw him, I started having thoughts about how he reminded me of an american founding father - like George Washington or something. I didn't get to see him close, because he turned a corner and disappeared, but he was dressed in older type clothes and had the white poofy hair you'd see portraits of in that age.

I thought it might have been an old woman, but I thought the clothes were not old woman clothes.

Well, I put that to rest, and came home. I did some stuff at home, and decided to go for a walk:::

On my walk I was listening to Jesus Christ superstar. For some odd, strange reason my iphone switched from Jesus Christ Superstar to Weird Al Yankovic singing about Horoscopes. I have no idea why my iphone did that - so I switched it back to JC Superstar, and I turned a couple corners, and guess what I saw?

A man dressed in a burgundy sweater that said "XAVIER" on the front, the name reminding me of "SAVIOUR" --- but that's not all --- the face of the man looked remarkably like Benjamin Franklin.

I mean, I shouldn't really know what George Washington and Benjamin Franklin look like because there are only portraits of them, and I'm only Canadian, and really, I could just be deluded or hallucinating::::

but to me it seems like I saw George Washington and Benjamin Franklin today. One was dressed in attire you'd expect from a man of that era and the other was dressed in a burgundy sweater with the name "XAVIER" printed in white on the front.

I have no idea. This is not my first experience seeing weird stuff like ghosts, or "Jesus" -- and now I don't know what to think about it anymore.

As for my reported sightings of Jesus:::::

I have always had these experiences where I saw what looked like Jesus, what my mind was told was Jesus, very strange experiences ----- but now I am not sure I can really be surely positive about the identification. I really, truly, have no actual idea who I am looking at --- just some guy in a costume or some guy who looks like a painting - you know?

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