Sunday, September 29, 2013

Approaching White Lights with a healthy Skepticism.

OK - I am a man who sees white lights.

I am going to take a cautious, skeptical approach now, or at least, try to.

I was just laying in my bed just now, looking at a white light glowing in my room. It was just a white light, glowing in my room from no known source.  And then it just disappeared.

I didn't see any angels or persons in the light. But there was NO SOUND accompanying it either, so it's really hard to assume that it was a car.

I mean, it might have been that maybe my neighbour's pulled into their driveway with white headlights, and just left their headlights on as they sat in the driveway for a while and the light glowed somehow in my room, and when they turned off the headlights, there wasn't even any sound of them leaving their vehicle or entering their house.

Basically, I think it would be healthy to approach the lights I see with caution and skepticism.

But I just have to wonder: Why did I have a bright glow in my room? Why did it just disappear without a sound?

I mean, I was looking directly at this bright glow in my room, and I didn't see anyone or hear anything except for seeing a glow of light in my room, coming from, well, I have no idea where the light was coming from.

Basically, the only thing that could have caused that light besides paranormal activity is my next-door neighbour's vehicle, if it even has white headlights, and I mean, I heard no noises of doors opening or closing, no chatter, nothing. Just a white glow in my room.

It's a mystery. And I am not scared right now. I saw the light, I watched it for at least a minute actually, just sitting there stationary in my room, and then without a sound, it just disappeared.

I'm not quite sure what to think.

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