Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Shadow of a Doubt

I have a shadow of a doubt about the falseness of mormonism.

What the above statement means is that I think there is still a possibility that mormonism MIGHT be true.

In my personal opinion or understanding of the presented evidence on where The Book of Mormon lands were, I would say that Book of Mormon lands were probably in or around New York State.

I do not know this for certain, but having examined the evidence, that's where I'd put it.

Not that it means a darn because I think there's also a possibility that I won't be saved by Mormonism anyway.

I of all people should know how easy it is to be saved --- and yes, if you keep choosing the right, it's not impossible, and I may have been on the brink of salvation myself - but for now I will have the attitude that I am not being saved. I have resigned myself to a likelihood of terrestrial glory.

Why do I frown upon my own salvation?

1) I don't care about women. I don't care to have a wife.
2) Even if I did find the right woman - I wouldn't want to bother with LDS temple ceremonies.

Those are the two main reasons, but a third is:

3) I could end up doing anything stupid at any time that will seriously jeopardize my salvation anyway.

Basically, looking at the evidence, there is a possibility that there is some truth or reality to mormonism. But, historically I think the mormons aren't very smart and the doctrine and truth of it all is very convoluted.

I've stopped caring. I've stopped caring to save my own soul --- it is just a mental fixation I have with the topic of mormonism that keeps me going like this. I don't care about being saved anymore, I just have a mind that's probably more inquisitive for some reason on the topic of mormonism, I can't get my thoughts off of it --- but I don't really care anymore. I don't care to be saved anymore, I care about being a good person and living my life, but I don't care like I used to.

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