Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Confession on Beggars

I have a confession to make.

A number of years ago, I was walking down the street in downtown Bowness, heading home, likely after having eaten something.

A woman, I think she was a native american, called out to me by the logo on my shirt, asking me for change so she could buy bus fare.

At this point, I was not well acquainted with the world of panhandling and beggars and I have to say that I actually made the wrong choice: I decided to say "no" and keep on my way.

Fortunately, for some unknown reason, I felt compelled, I felt driven to change my mind, so I turned around, took out my wallet, and gave her ALL MY CHANGE (coins).

This is actually a very remarkable story. I hold it as a source of my pride in christianity or in my own christianity that I give money to beggars. I learned my lesson from that driving force, that we should never turn away someone in need - that we should always be willing to help somehow.

Of course, I do donate to charity from time to time, but I do not answer the call every time a charity sends me a message asking for money for this that or the other thing. Many times I do give money --- but sometimes I know it's just not within my budgetary means so I don't.

Anyway, I think helping those in need, for example, helping beggars on the street, is a very good example of Christian behaviour, and I happily pride myself in providing the help that I do give.

I almost turned out to be a miser, a tightwad. But some force prompted me to change my ways immediately, so I could help others in need.

And now, I WANT to stop writing on my blog, to stop sending constant e-mails and constant blog posts. I need to be quiet. Lets hope I can have some quiet time - so I don't go around spamming even my own blog. I just write too much --- it might not be a good thing.

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