Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Topsy Kretts vs Letting The Light Shine

Considering the pseudonym on the cover of The Number 23 book is "Topsy Kretts", being interpreted to mean "TOP SECRETS" - you would have to wonder if I am wrong in trying to tell people the truth of the story.

Maybe there is some value or would be some value in keeping everything hidden and to myself. Except:

1) In the Bible, there's a scripture that says you should let your light shine. The truth will set you free. This means tell the truth, and tell people what you know, share your information - do not hide your light under a bushel. Even if your light is only moonlight.

2) My patriarchal blessing pretty much tells me that writing this book and sending it to anyone who'll listen around the world is the right thing to do. If there's anything in my patriarchal blessing which I could receive at this point in existence, it would be to share my information worldwide as much as I can. Yes -- this part of my blessing is mentioned as a different part than the travelling and preaching - both are explicitly mentioned. It doesn't say "write a book", but it does say that I'll share my thoughts and ideas with friends and associates (or whoever) throughout the mission areas of the world.

And ---- why do I want people to buy my story? Isn't it enough to give it away for free??? I've noticed that people are all too wiling to take my book for free, but paying a small fee for an ebook is very difficult.  This bugs me, because I was all too willing to pay big money to a company to publish my book, only to find that this company is considered to be less than honest.

yes --- after spending all that money on publishing my books, I would definitely hope that people would pay the small fee just to buy my book.

Of course, I can understand that most books - especially self-published books - don't make it very big, and I've also learned that the maker of the product has the highest hope and faith in their own product.

So, why should you buy and read my book? It is a truly miraculous story that faces questions about mental health and mental health's relationship to miracles.  In fact, it contains information that I don't even mention in any previews because you are only going to find that information only if you buy the book.

Yes --- one guy who I mention in Letters to Whomever said he wouldn't buy the book because he thinks I've already revealed all the information on my blog anyway. Well, he wasn't being too bright -- I'm not dumb enough to reveal everything for free, unless I release my book for free.

And as for releasing my book for free:::: I am SERIOUSLY disappointed that none of my readers/downloaders could be bothered to write a review and rate my book. That's probably why I'm holding my contest.

As for the contest::: the contest might seem like a waste of money, but in all seriousness, getting people to read the book and then getting some discussion on the book is worth $800 to me. There are other things that I can think of spending $800 on, but my book and story are so special to me that I am much more willing to spend this kind of money just to get people to read and discuss the story.

I guess I might as well mention one more thing::::

In bible studies, some people comment how latter manuscripts of the bible contain stories that weren't in earlier editions.  In the case of my own book --- thus far the latter edition is the better edition. First edition was just plain awful. First draft of the first edition was hideous.

3.4 edition still isn't a completely perfect finished version of the book, but it's as far as I've gotten so far.

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