Saturday, August 24, 2013

If I had the Sales

You know what? It's not that I'm not working. It's not that I don't try.

If my 1700+ facebook fans all decided to actually buy and read all my books, and if all the people who downloaded my game on the OUYA actually paid for the game - I would have earned back most of the money I spent on the publisher and the advertising.

I paid huge money to get my first books published, and very few people paid for anything.

If all the people who expressed interest actually took real interest, I'd be able to earn back all that money. But, unfortunately, most of the people who look at my stuff can't be bothered to give me any money, and as such I am stuck in a perpetual state of debt. How sad.

I also just want to mention that it's true that my book was so imperfect in so many ways, and there are still ways in which my books could be improved. It's getting kind of silly how many mistakes there were. I had a good story to tell, but I guess I'm not the greatest writer.

But still, is it too difficult for all these people to pay the small fee to buy my stuff? I went through all that effort to provide this story to them, both work and money, and they can't even be bothered to spend a few dollars for it. Hummpff.

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