Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back to Normality

I feel like I've returned to some form of normality. Mostly.

I'm not in a state of perfect normality, I still think there are some quirks of my mind that are operating in ways that I don't think they should, but I am not at the same level of insanity I used to be.

What's weird is that when I was "insane" I had a wider awareness, like my mind was connected to an invisible ether of information. Even if the information I received was true, this was considered to be mental illness.

Whereas now, my mind does not receive all that true information, I am often just using an incorrect imagination, and somehow this is considered to be more normal or less ill. Weird.

Anyway, I'm not sure you can expect any great prophecies or cool magic from me right now. I just happen to have returned to some form of normality. Not quite perfectly normal, but I'll just say I'm not the same insane I used to be.

What does this mean for my telepathy?? It means I am a very low-low-level mentalist now. I'm not really very good, it's like I've actually LOST my skillz. I have some success, but that success is very limited and not very exciting. It pretty much seems live I've returned or am returning to normal.

I'll just emphasize, however, that I'm not perfectly normal. There might still be a hint of some form of telepathy in my mind, although if it's true revelation or false I can't be entirely sure. If it's false revelation, then I've entirely degraded. If it's true, well, historically doctors don't accept that either.

So, essentially I still have some insanity, but I'm much closer to being normal now. And I'm not as correct in my attempts to "prophecy" either. I used to have way more success than I do now. Who knows. It might just be that I am at this point just using my imagination rather than receiving actual outside input.

And somehow the imagination is more realistic to a psychiatric doctor than actual true revelatory input. Huh.

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