Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Facebook Appeal has failed

Last night I tried posting the following message on Facebook, offering to pay $20 so ~4,000-8,000 people would see it.


Hello, I am burdened with a heavy debt and only have a mediocre or modest disability welfare benefit for income to pay these debts.

When I meet a beggar or panhandler on the street, when they ask me for money, I do the decent thing and give them some coin. I am in a situation where I essentially feel like a beggar, because I have debts to pay, a life to live, and I am not fully capable of working.

I wrote a couple books. I hired a vanity publisher to publish these books for me. I had few reported sales. The publisher has been taken to court for a class action law suit because it is widely believed by their authors that they do not report sales or royalties as they should:: essentially, they have been accused of stealing, among other things.

I spent thousands of dollars to publish with this company, on a credit card. I spent over a thousand more trying to advertise my books --- only to find that I will get people clicking my ads, or clicking "like", without actually purchasing anything.

I feel like a beggar because I need a large number of people to buy my book - just so I can pay my debt. The ebooks cost only a few dollars and won't set you back much.

And yes, I've switched to a different publisher - one that is considered to be more honest.

Basically, I need several thousand people to buy my ebook, so I can quickly pay my debt and get that out of my life - and cancel the credit card. I am begging for just a few dollars from a few thousand different people. You will receive my book in return.

Here are the books that I have to offer:

The Book of Finch -

- also available at Barnes & Noble, iBookStore and other online retailers.
The Book of Finch is a story about an adventure of my life. It could be considered rather controversial, so if you don't want the controversy, you can read my other book:

The Eagle's Sore -
- also available in softcover. This is a fantasy/science fiction hybrid novella I wrote to try my hand at writing.

I have given away many free copies of these books, but most people aren't even courteous enough to leave reviews. And people only want them for free.

I spent thousands of dollars to publish and advertise these books, and I have a very hard time getting people to buy them --- so essentially I am a poor man on disability welfare with a huge debt, with people who click my ads and click "like" but never actually buy anything.

Essentially, I'm begging for a small payment from several thousand people - and you get a book in exchange, which is better than begging. Considering that I give to beggars whenever they ask, I'd say the decent thing to do is to just pay the small fee for the ebook.

If you don't want an ebook, and don't mind spending part of your money on paper, I recommend buying the softcovers from this website:

Thank you very much for reading.

1,268 people saw the message as of now, 3 people "liked" it, one person liked my page because of it --- and though I've spent almost $5 already just sending that message around, only ONE person clicked on the link to a book.

So, even if that one person did actually buy my book, it wouldn't pay for the $5 I spent on the advertising.

What's sad - is that this is a poor-disabled-man's appeal for help, and most people didn't even bother, and the few people who did click, most of them are unlikely to have purchased anything.

What is wrong with our society? This ad was shown only in Canada and the United States.

I stopped the ad because it became evident it wasn't going to work.

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