Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pfhonge was rejected - not permanently though.

Well, OUYA decided to reject my game from publication, for now.

The first problem they list is that I didn't capitalize the name OUYA everywhere throughout the game, and that's easily fixable.

But they also mention a few technical glitches that relate to the game mechanics and processing stuff. Unfortunately, I am not quite tech-savvy enough to fix those small issues. (in my opinion, they're small issues).

I mean, I might be able to fix some of these issues, but for the issue that the paddle control can be a bit choppy ---- well, I know about that issue, and I thought it was the Ouya controller causing that problem. I have no idea how to fix that issue though.

I guess I should have kept up my computer science studies in school. Hah.

yes, I suppose for such a basic game that the controller responsiveness should work better - but I'm not sure how to fix that, especially as I originally thought that this problem was the OUYA controller's fault, not mine.

Not tech savvy enough. :(

At least they said my game IS fun though. yay! :)


AMAZINGLY I actually figured out how to solve all the problems they wanted me to fix! YAY!! Now my game will likely go to market!!!

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