Monday, July 15, 2013

Pfhonge has now been published! Download at your convenience.

My game for the OUYA game console Pfhonge, has been approved and I published it just moments ago. Feel free to download it, and to buy it, but not for free!.

It looks like Pfhonge might be the 240th game on OUYA, released on July 15th 2013. I just barely missed getting it submitted as the 23xth game. Darn. :) At least I can say it was published 7 1+5 2+0+1+3, 7 6 6, or in a different order - "667"!! Yay. 2013, the 15th of July. Dates don't normally go that way though. Oh well.

Pfhonge is now out!

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