Monday, July 8, 2013

Pfhonge has bee submitted for review!!

OK - so I've submitted my free game called "Pfhonge" for review at Ouya!

I was going to charge $1.99 for the two-player mode, but after trying to figure out how to support in-app-purchases, I discovered I was not smart enough to implement them for a number of reasons.

So, now you get the whole package of my game "Pfhonge" for free!

Pfhonge is a ball-and-paddle game where you have to hit the ball past your opponent's paddle in order to hit the blocks, and once enough blocks are gone, you might get your ball into the end zone to win the game!

I thought I'd quickly write such a game seeing as how there's no such game on Ouya yet (as far as I am aware).

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