Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day!

Oh yes! It's Canada Day! I'm hoping the flood didn't dim spirits for today --- I want to see fireworks at Canada Olympic Park tonight, just like they usually do every year! (I live in a valley next to Canada Olympic Park)

My game project is moving along. I bought a book to help me learn some of the things I otherwise wouldn't know about android programming, and, so far, studying it has been immensely helpful. I am certainly making progress towards writing the game I dreamed of, or conceptualized in my mind.

So - if I had to compare myself to one of the computer game designers in my book "The Eagle's Sore", which one would I compare to? To tell the truth, the game designers in my novella are all far more competent and creative at this sort of thing than myself. But, if I really had to compare, and I couldn't say "they are all greater than I", then I would say I'm like Salahal Tart. He's the guy who was doing the greatest extent of programming. Of course, his programming was revolutionary for the Eagle, and my programming for Android/Ouya is very basic, but that's the best comparison I can make.

So, after a long day of studying and tinkering with code and trying to learn, I decided I would take my Canada Day to a local Chinese/Thai restaurant where I had a plate of Korean Beef, on a steaming hot plate.

I like to eat at that restaurant. So far, I've only tried the specifically spicy or hot dishes, and they seem good enough. It's definitely not like other Chinese restaurants, or the Vietnamese restaurant we have, but it is still satisfying.

So: I want Canada Day fireworks tonight, I'm making progress in my video game project, and I enjoy eating at a local restaurant.

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