Friday, July 5, 2013

Hacker or Ghost??

Sometimes my computers do weird things. I mean, really weird things: things that don't make sense.

It's either a hacker or a ghost, and of course people who are rooted in the real world would know it's a hacker.

Today I was working on my computer game, and in order to fix a little something that I thought was a problem, a small ineffectual improvement, after I recompiled and started up again, the game crashed.

OK - let me just explain to you that before this, the game was working as it was supposed to. I changed one little thing that is insignificant to the running of the game and the whole thing crashed.

So, I fixed the code which somehow no longer worked, though it had been working before, only to find that my Artificial Intelligence had stopped working as well. With the AI, it was really obvious that there had been some kind of actual change made to the code. Before, the AI worked fine. After the crash, somehow the AI stopped working --- and I'm pretty sure my code was changed because I had to physically fix the AI before it would work again --- and between the AI working and not working, I had made no change to that AI code.

It pretty much seems like I've got a hacker, some malicious entity that changes the files on my computer and all that.

Actually, to tell the truth, it probably is a hacker, because why would God or some spirit want to use miraculous energies to play with my computers like this?

I thought macs were supposed to be secure - plus I have a firewall. Hmmm. So much for security.

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