Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Being Kindly

One of the things that's beginning to bother me about myself is any possible situation where I may have been unkind. I think unkind behaviour may have a way of coming around and "nipping" back at you, so I'm basically paranoid about how my behaviour has been over the past few or several years.

Even if someone is being unkind to you, even if someone hurts you, logically - it make sense to give a kindly response.

For some reason this is just the attitude of my soul at this moment. There is a psychological force that would likely cause one to "bite back" when they've been hurt ---- but my soul feels currently inclined to be nice to everyone, even if they offend me.

I am experiencing a fear of my own unkind behaviour. I feel that it's important to be nice - even to those who wrong us.

That is a totally abnormal way of thinking, but it actually makes sense when you consider the possibly devastating consequences of unkind behaviour.

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