Friday, July 26, 2013

Are LDS Scriptures Truly Incoherent?

Upon closer examination of LDS scriptures and doctrine, there are some things that make the LDS church seem incoherent and misunderstood. Or maybe there's nothing to understand.

But if it wasn't for LDS-related miracles which I've already witnessed, I might or would just give up on the church altogether. There are some incoherencies in the scriptures or doctrine.

The Book of Mormon says "By the wicked are the wicked punished".

So - when a high council excommunicates someone - does that mean the high council is wicked?

Didn't Jesus say "He who is WITHOUT SIN may cast the first stone"?

This is a bit of an incoherency. Jesus Christ in the bible requires perfect righteousness before punishing a sinner, but The Book of Mormon says the wicked punish the wicked.

So - are high councils wicked when they excommunicate - or are they really-very righteous?

This is a bit confusing.


I believe in God, Angels, Miracles, and the church did give me a good upbringing to believe and experience these things ---- but upon close examination of scriptures and doctrine, I am confused.

Does the Holy Ghost have a wife? Did pre-mortal God Jehovah have a wife? ---- if these spirit Gods had no wife, then Joseph Smith misrepresented what it means to be a God. If Jehovah did have a wife - what happened to her when Jehovah became Jesus???

Yes yes --- confusing and incoherent. But there does appear to be a miraculous quality.

Maybe Joseph Smith just wasn't a very good prophet. Kind of like how I AM a mentalist - but I'm not a very good mentalist. Maybe there could have or there was some reality to Joseph Smith - but he could have many any number of errors. Who knows?

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