Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Wedding

My uncle, my father's brother, got married yesterday, and I attended the wedding.

I am so proud of my family, and I realized and am now expressing how much I love this tree I belong to.

I don't have really any connections to the Finnish side of my family, especially as I've never been to Europe and I don't speak finnish or swedish, but the Attfield side of my family is well rooted in Canada and I think it's just a wonderful bunch. It was so nice to see a big chunk of the clan these past few days.

I spent more of my life with the LDS family rather than my real Attfield family (my immediate family is the only LDS church members in our bigger family) and I have to say, compared to the LDS church, or LDS family, the Attfield family is so much more to be proud of than the LDS church.

Yes - yesterday as I was in that room with my family, I thought and compared it to how I would spend time with the church. And I realized that I'm heavily disappointed with the church, but that I do love my own family - how awesome my family is.

Though my actual family is a bunch of alcoholics and that's quite different from the LDS environment I spent much of my life in, again I am thinking that I'm more likely to become an alcoholic myself than completely reactivate in the LDS church.

I don't drink alcohol. And I haven't checked with my doctor about it yet, so as it stands I probably won't, but I'll just say that I'm more enticed to become a drinker like the rest of my family than I am to continue with the LDS family which was largely a great disappointment.

Yesterday during the dinner my aunt's husband came up to our table and gave us a CD - his daughter's album.

Yes - it appears my aunt's step-daughter is a recording artist. She's on iTunes - her name is Kristine St-Pierre and her album is called "Call me Crazy". Download and have a listen. I'm listening to it right now as I write this - she's got a good voice and it is enjoyable. Half of it is in French though.

Though I just found out about it yesterday, I am feeling kind of excited to be almost-sort-of related to a recording artist. Her website is Go have a look!

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