Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Flood

Hey Everyone.

On the evening of June 20th 2013 I was feeling paranoid enough about the flooding, and our house is in a community deemed for mandatory evacuation, so my family packed up the belongings we thought of packing - filling up our vehicle, and we evacuated to my sister's house, who lives on the hill.

We returned home on June 22nd 2013 to find that our house was still in perfect happy order - no flood hit us.  HOWEVER --- the flood DID get close to our home, just across the railway tracks from us.

I thought about publishing a story of this experience, but seeing as how we didn't actually get flooded, I figure the story is pointless to write now. It's not exciting or heart-wrenching enough.

As for my writing itself ---- I had a great story to tell in The Book of Finch - but I fully admit that I am not a very good writer to be telling that story.

I'm a good typist, I had a great story, but my actual writing skills leave much to be desired.

Of course, authorhouse has been accused of inserting typos into documents, and as far as I know this really could be true - but anyways, I feel sorry for the people who bought my first edition and found that it had so many problems.

Of course, my grandmother liked my first edition and thought it was well-written, which is great, because when I look at it, I think it is hideous.

One of the biggest indicators that I'm a poor writer even if I had a great story is--- I referred to my poetry as 'prose' in my book. Very sad. Before I went insane, I think I had a proper understanding of the word 'prose', but in grade 12 it was like my mind was wiped and I had/have to relearn everything.

It is absolutely true that my mind encountered problems and that I have had brain malfunction - I do not deny this.  The part of my psychiatric diagnosis that I argued with was the part where I'm not allowed to believe in my miracles or seeing Jesus and all that. For all I know my brain problem was a miracle.

Before my brain problem, my attempts at mind-reading failed horribly. After the brain problem - it is clear that I do have some ability at the mentalism. It might be that my brain changed in order to facilitate telepathy, therefore the "brain problem" could have been a miracle. Just a theory though.

Though I don't include this story in my book, I would like to note that I believed in some possibility that mind-reading was possible before I went insane, and I even tried experimenting, finding that I was completely unable. Eventually the ability did appear however.

So::: my family is safe from the flood, our house is safe and in operation. My book's story is a great story, but I'm not a very good writer, and my brain problem might have developed my ability to become a mentalist.

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