Monday, June 17, 2013

Seeing More Similarities

Only just yesterday I wrote an e-mail to three of my closest acquaintances discussing this one video I saw on the "Shut Up! Cartoons" Youtube Channel released yesterday.

The reason I discussed this video, is because I started writing a book when I was at my Uncle's wedding, and there were a number of things about my writing and this animation on Youtube that were comparable.

Well, only a day later, and "Shut Up! Cartoons" is freaking me out again. In their latest episode of Planets (#14), Uranus writes a memoir and his stalker refers to it as some kind of good "prose".

Just think about this: my most recent blog post, before this one, refers to my book, which is more or less a memoir, and how I completely misused the word "prose".

With how yesterday's cartoon had some similarities with some of my writing, even recent writing, and now today's cartoon is again got some similarity with recent writing - well, you know, I'm sitting here thinking that nothing is out of the ordinary. Oh yeah - this has become the new normal for me, to see elements of my writing reflected in popular media. It's usually fun and flattering to see it, but these most recent Cartoons are... well, it's just weird. I'm not sure how to describe it.

As for my writing, when I was at my Uncle's wedding I started working on a book. Then, today I had an inspiration to try and write a short story for a fantasy magazine, so I wrote up a short story that matches the specifications of the fantasy magazine, but then I realized that if I flesh-out this new second story that I could probably turn it into a book too.

So, though I'm more likely to actually make money by writing a short story for this magazine, I'm thinking I might just write two more books this summer. I just have to get past my laziness, or at least try not to over-exert myself, and yeah - I'm not talking about full length novels here, most likely just Novellas, or a Novellette if I can't make enough content.

As for my position on the LDS church::: Recently my thoughts turned to how I don't really have any purpose in life. I mean, I have my patriarchal blessing, but in my recent mind thinking my patriarchal blessing doesn't seem valid or likely so I'm sitting here just thinking I'm going to write these books, try to make some money if anyone will actually buy them, and though I think it's possible that I may some day return to church --- recently my thoughts have been that I have no real actual valid purpose in life, even though I still pray to and love God.

It's weird - I believe in God, and I believe in Jesus - but my perspective regarding the Patriarchal blessing I was given is that it doesn't really seem valid anymore, and now I'm wandering through life without a real purpose - just going to keep myself busy through various things, including writing a book.

Oh - if I flesh out the project I created today and it turns out to be short enough for a short story (which is unlikely, it'll probably be too long) then maybe I'll try submitting it to that fantasy magazine.

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