Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I Thought I lived in a RIGHT-of-centre state

Just when you think the government and society you live in is a right-leaning capitalist community, you learn a very disturbing and unsettling truth::

I work my butt off writing my books, advertising, publishing, I mean, I spend so much time and effort and money and all to write, publish and advertise my books, and though I spent all that effort, people can't be bothered to pay a small fee to read my stuff.

And, being disabled, I do dick-all with my time and I don't have any or many responsibilities, but I get paid a whole lot for doing nothing.

So::: I get paid a bunch for doing nothing, and I earn very little from my earnest hard work.

And this is supposed to be a capitalist society we live in??

I guess you could say that I'm just very disappointed in my 1600+ facebook "fans" who'll click the like button, but most of them won't even read my book even if it's free. This sort of thing makes me lose faith in humanity.

SO: I earn lots of money for doing nothing, I get paid little for hard work, in fact, in school you pay to do the work, and then I get lots of fans who can't be bothered to read the thing even if it's free.

So so sad.

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