Tuesday, June 25, 2013


The hometeachers visited our house this evening.

I have to say ---- their influence definitely has the effect of making me feel better about the church. It brings back positive memories about my experiences with mormonism.

Richard K Melchin is one of my hometeachers, and I can truly say that I'm not angry at him anymore - that he and I are getting along now.

Of course, I feel sorry for him a bit, as I was being a bit vicious in my tone in Letters to Whomever. But one praiseworthy thing about him is that though I was vicious, he has turned the other cheek, he is forgiving, and we're being friendly. And oh what a deal it is that I'm not even mad at him anymore --- we are able to sit there and civilly have a conversation. Absolutely amazing how that is.

So --- the hometeachers give me a positive impression of the LDS church, and we even tried to discuss some of my scriptural misunderstandings.

I feel better about the church, but if history is any indication, after a while I'll probably start thinking on the negative again, at which point the home teachers come again, and I'll feel positive again.

Sometimes it doesn't seem likely that I'll fulfill my patriarchal blessing, or that I'll go back to church --- but after general conference and the home teachers, I start seeing possibilities of going back and attending.

If the church is true, then it really is a labour of rescue.

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