Friday, June 14, 2013

Evidence of a brain problem?

Well, even if I really, truly do have miracles and telepathy and all that --- it is also apparent that for a while in my life my mind didn't work properly. This would show itself when I was at school, where somehow my mind or my thinking would say the complete opposite of what was actually true --- or in other words, just getting completely wrong answers.

I don't know why my brain did this to me --- I used to be so smart that I'd get perfect or near perfect scores, but all of the sudden my brain exploded and I was pretty much getting everything wrong and I couldn't think properly.

There are a number of ways that this "opposites" brain problem has continued to manifest itself in these latter years, 9-12 years after the problems began.

In The Book of Finch, some of the events that aren't shown chronologically are deliberately made that way - in order to make the story flow on one topic better. But then there were some versions of the story where I'd get the sequence of events sort of flipped around for no good reason. Also note: some events I am vaguely aware of when they happen, and I re-wrote those parts of the book to make the story flow better rather than trying to fix the information.

1) Some chronology is deliberately out of order just to get a discussion flowing on a topic better.
2) Some chronology was out of order because I didn't remember properly and I eventually changed it.
3) Some chronology has no historical record other than my memory - but I changed it anyways because it seemed to flow better that way.

But that's not the big point. The big point is::

For a long time, in my poetry section, I used the word "Prose" to refer to the poetry. Of course, this was completely wrong and stupid -- and it was in fact my brain not working properly. It was weird, I used to know things so well when I was young, but somehow my brain just completely "opposited" the definition of the word "prose". I'm going to update and have it changed in a future edition.

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