Monday, May 27, 2013

Pay Card Issues

I am seriously wondering about my two credit cards and debit card.

For both of my credit cards, I buy things, I look at my online banking, and I realize something::: somehow both my credit cards have recently charged me $1 more than I actually spent. On my one card, all I did was eat at a local burger place, and I go home to find that $1 more than my receipt from the restaurant indicated had been taken from my credit card's account.

Same goes for my second credit card: I look at my bills and I add up all the numbers and all my known expenses, and when I reach my final tally I realize I have been charged $1 for something that wasn't mentioned in my expenses and it's definitely not interest either.

And then there's the reported cases of Fraud.

With my debit card and with one credit card I've already received notification from both banks that someone might be fraudulently using my account. I had to go get my PIN changed on my debit card and my credit card sent me a new card. However: when checking the records of my expenses on these cards, I see no sign of recent fraud.

So:: on my two credit cards, on each card I'm charged $1 more than I should have been and on my debit card and one credit card I'm getting reports of fraudulent usage that aren't obviously fraudulent usages because none of the stated expenses weren't my own.

I'm not sure what's going on here, but I hope it gets fixed up. A dollar missing from each card that isn't declared on the statement and two of my banks report fraudulent usage. Very weird. Hmm??

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