Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Website Home & Book Sales

I'm going to start off by saying that you might have noticed that this blog is now featured on - and now just redirects to the former address.

The reason I did this is because when I looked at my website stats, I would feel popular because of all the supposed "visitors" I was getting. But upon further and closer inspection, many of the visits I received were just from comment spammers or comment spam bots. In an effort to clean up my stats page to see how many truly interested visitors I have, I have moved to my other URL.

It's possible, especially if few people actually visit this site to actually read or learn anything from me, that I'll just switch my blog to or something - that google service. There's no point wasting money on internet servers that few to no people visit.


As for my book sales: well, it's obvious that The Book of Finch is becoming more widespread - as of this moment, after two months of giving it away for free on smashwords and amazon, I have given away about 93 copies of the book. That's an approximation of just the past two months. I am happy with these results, and I'm glad that some of those readers actually decided to have a look at Amazon's Aftermath page too (my essay to end the story) --- but unfortunately all the free downloaders have been too cheap to spend $0.99 on the final chapter - I give the book away for free and some people are even interested in the sequels, but no one has downloaded Aftermath.
I am happy to note, however, that some nice reader actually did buy Letters to Whomever on Barnes & Noble. As for the supposed purchase you see of Letters to Whomever on amazon -- that was me buying my own book, so don't expect a review to appear.

So - I just wish all my readers would stop being cheap and pay at least the $0.99 on Aftermath - but it would be great if they would buy my other two books as well -- it's not THAT expensive!!

Why are people soooo cheap? I spent thousands of dollars on this book project and advertising and people only want to read for free --- they can't be bothered to drop $1.99. So sad. That's not everyone, but that's the way the majority of readers are. The even greater majority of my fans click "like" without even reading the book even if it's free. Very sad.

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