Friday, May 17, 2013

New Advertisement on Website

I've been having difficulty generating revenue from actual book sales (assuming Authorhouse doesn't or won't report anything more) so, knowing that I've got hundreds of people who visit this site every month, you must now look at some pretty google ads in the right column.


The questionable part about me doing google ads is if I am considered to be racially opposed to any group. It seems like I'm breaking the rule --- but in reality, I'm just parroting The Book of Mormon's confusion on one topic, and as for the mormons themselves, I still express support for the apostles so I'm not entirely against mormons either.


I think if my talk of the Book of Mormon doctrine and talk of the mormons themselves, if talk of these put me in contradiction with Google's guidelines, then that's sad because this is the religion I grew up with, and this discussion is intellectually unavoidable for me.
Anyway, maybe Google might have a policy problem with some of the things I say, maybe not. Basically, if there's a policy problem with me, it's a policy problem with The Book of Mormon. And as for my own position on mormons, I am ambivalent, I both dislike them, and like them.


So, I'll just have to let google decide if I'm against the rules. Here's hoping.


(seriously -- it might just turn into a rule that says mormons aren't allowed to use google adwords because of the inherent racism in the scriptures and history of their religion, which is sad for me, because if I turned against mormonism I'd still be racist. So I joined a church that's "racist", not knowing of that part about the church, and then if I turn against the church I'm still being racist. Hard to deal with when trying to discuss the topic on a website, but having to deal with the policy issues of google ad words.)


UPDATE 5/18/2013 2:03PM:::::

I was just looking at the Google Guidelines on Prohibited content, and they say "However, websites containing academic or historical content related to such subjects are permitted to participate in AdSense." OK - this means that I will probably be allowed --- as I am largely or I am 99% sure I'm being academic about my talk of racism. There was a time when I was so "in to" the church that I would have been obeying The Book of Mormon as I understood it, but overtime mormonism became less and less impressive so I don't really care to actually follow that path anymore. Now I'm just talking about these things in a historical or academic context. Yay.


Of course, there's still the way a certain country or race might decide to brown-nose me on facebook even though they don't really read my stuff --- and it does seem racist to want to kick them off my facebook page, but it is in fact largely just their race that is always clicking like and it seems evident that they don't actually care to actually read the book even if it is free. Most of my fanclub is dumb because they don't actually read my book --- but that one nation in my fanclub is particularly bad just because they always click like even though they didn't read the book. and if they did read the book, why was $1.99 too much to spend on it, even though they were able to afford their kindles or other e-readers? I am insulted by this behaviour! It seems racist, but the only effect my attitude would have about this would be to kick them off my facebook page, which I have not completely done. More about this story here.

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