Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Failure and some luck

So, for the past 5-7 tests with telepathy I did on my father, I've done dismally. I get EVERYTHING wrong on these tests.

But after failing dismally several times in a row with my father, I decided to try two tests on my mother:

Test 1:
I said: Z R L
She said: 9 B 6
Result::: this is like a complete failure, except that R and B share some characteristics in how they appear, so it could be some slight telepathy.

Test 2:
I said: T Q 2
She said: A O Z
Result::: Again I got everything "wrong", but the Q and the O are similar in shape with only one little difference in the characters, and the 2 and Z are very similar in shape, almost the same character in appearance.

So -- I'd say I had some OK results with my mom. I failed horribly with my father, but I regain confidence with my mother.

Oh --- and about my "user interface" when using this telepathy::: there's a reason why I get characters that look the same, this telepathy is a transmission of images, not sounds. I found that when it comes to short distance mentalism that I work best with images, and I assume that my long distance telepathy works good with speech. Two different kinds of thought, one looking at the image in a brain, and the other is a verbal thought speech type thing.

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