Sunday, May 26, 2013

Convinced - I'm Moving

Though it's not as roomy or completely nice as my old web service, I figure I might as well save some cash and use Blogger - switching away from my old blog.

As of right now - if you find this blog, but would like to see something from the old blog, then just visit Hurry! The old site will probably be gone within a month - probably much sooner.

I am not going to copy and bring over all or much of any of my old content. I'm starting afresh now. It's sad to say goodbye to the old website - but it seems like a good idea, I was spending too much money on the old site without anyone actually buying my books. I need to save money. I spend way more on all sorts of things including websites than I made in book sales, and it's unlikely book sales will do any good seeing as how the book is now free.

Hopefully Google won't complain about certain of my discussion content. We'll see.

UPDATE:: 8:03AM Monday 27 May 2013

Wow - I DID actually find a way to import my old blog from wordpress. So - we have my blog here, but now the even older blog that came before wordpress is gone. I'll suspect it's going to stay gone too.

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