Monday, May 6, 2013

Continuing Love

This may come as a shock to anyone who read my book, but i have something to say on my website. I'm saying it here because a personal message just wouldn't be the right way to explain it.


To put it simply: I still love "Annie Liablility", the one female character from my book. I realize we can't really be together or talk or anything, due to how her parents forced us to stop communicating, but I just hope she's happy, that's she's going to be OK. I mean it.


It really, really hurt me that our relationship was destroyed by outside controlling forces, and I really hurt over it for a long time, but when I told her I would always love her --- well, it's true, I still have good and warm feelings in my heart for her.


I do kind of wish we could be friends again, but I realize there was some extremely negative personality who destroyed our relationship and forced us apart.


If I were to be friends with her again --- the one thing I would fear is any more extremely stupid messages coming my way. I think there is something completely wrong, but I don't blame Annie herself, I have compassion towards her and I just wanted to be her friend, and I was in love with her, and though we can't be friends anymore, I just want to express my feelings of love for her ---- she married someone else, so I don't matter anymore, if anything this message of love can be seen as a message of "no animosity between us" sort of thing.


I truly feel like I still have those loving feelings in my heart for her, and I am almost brought to tears and I feel some pain about how we weren't allowed to talk to each other anymore.


Perhaps I did say something wrong, I know I wasn't the smartest guy even if I was smartest in my class, I said some stupid things about numerous things, I just wish we could have discussed it instead of ending it without any explanation. I do still feel the love, and I still feel some of the pain too.


I hope you are OK "Annie".


BTW ---- Annie Liability isn't her real name, I'm keeping that secret, but if she reads my book, she'll know who she is.

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