Thursday, May 16, 2013

Compared to Wikipedia

I was just looking at wikipedia to compare my memory with what wikipedia says about Avril Lavigne concerts in Calgary.


There were two disagreements I noticed in a big way at the forefront: Wikipedia says Avril Lavigne's CBC concert for her first presentation of The Best Damn Thing was on February 16th 2007


Wikipedia said Avril's April 1st 2004 mall concert in Calgary was at Southcentre mall.


In my book, and in my memory, I think the CBC concert was April 2nd 2007 and the mall concert was at Sunridge mall.


So - who was right, me or wikipedia?


Upon examining historical records in my e-mail, the CBC concert was on April 2nd. I was right.

EDIT--- The actual taping of the concert itself was on February 15th 2007. We were both wrong, but wikipedia was closer. Damn.

Upon examining old newspaper records on the local public library's website, the mall concert was at Southcentre. Wikipedia was right.


So, I'm just going to have to edit the text of my book a bit, to change Sunridge to Southcentre, because I was wrong in my memory. Dang. I feel so dumb now. Ah well, this has happened before. I keep screwing up in my book.


Oh well, at least I say in my book "Some names have been changed" and the location of the mall is likely inconsequential to most readers.


I'm still sad about that screw-up though. :(

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