Thursday, May 9, 2013

Big Plans

Sooooo.... today I was researching, um, stuff I don't want to talk about - but as I was researching I came across information about a games console being released soon called the "Ouya". It looked so cool that I immediately pre-ordered a console from amazon.


So, I go through my day feeling excited about a number of things going on in my life, but I began to realize that I HAVE AN IDEA for a game. I had only just heard about this console today, and I've never seen it used, but just from understanding that anyone can develop on it for free, I became very excited that I even had a game idea.


In the past few months I had been studying Objective C iOS application development on iTunes U --- lightly studying, only when I am really-really bored. I got through a few classes.

But I had no ideas for anything to program on iOS --- absolutely no ideas. No clue what to do.


But since the Ouya is a different interface than a touchsreen, I became creative in my mind about what I could do to create a project.


So, I've got an idea for a game, there's a console I can develop it on --- and now we just have to test my intellectual programming mettle to see if I can figure out how to write JAVA for the Android running on Ouya.


I pray God will give me the mental ability and agility I'll need.


And, of course, I'm not going to say what my game idea is so none of you can steal it - but I have an idea, and if my brain works and if I can figure it out and make it work, then I'll probably release it for public usage.

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