Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Almost- and sort-of 'exciting' telepathy results

So, I'm not the greatest mentalist, I'm not too impressive, but I think it's clear that evidence shows that I am capable of some mental feats.


Over the past few days, I performed FOUR alpha-numeric pick 3 experiments with my father. Here are my results:


Test 1:

I wrote down: P (O or Q) (5 or 2)

His original was: P 4 X

1 right, in the right position of the sequence.


Test 2:

I wrote down: M O P

His original was: 4 Q S

None right, but my O is comparable in shape to his Q.

Just a moment, I'm noticing something: I got O/Q wrong in the first reading, only for him to choose Q in his second original. I got 5/2 wrong in my first reading, and he said S in his second original, which is sometimes confused with 5. I wonder if he's just reiterating the parts that I already got wrong.


Test 3:

I wrote down: J R (T or L)

His original was: X R (I or 1 or l)

I got the R right, and though his last character looks like it could be an I or a 1, he said it was a lower-case L. So, I kind of got that right too.


Test 4:

I wrote down: 4 5 (D or C)

His original was: 4 P T

I got the four right, and that's 1/3, but I also got the D shape, which might have come from his P, maybe.


So there you have it::: In all these tests I got right or close about something, so I'm pleased with myself.  Considering how the odds of getting 1/3 are 1:12, I think I did pretty good to do as good as I did in four tests. I think that is sufficient evidence of my telepathy, even if it's not that good.


Those were the latest four tests I've done up to this point.


BTW - A while ago I tried to create a video of my telepathy skill, but it didn't turn out so well. I've still got to work on it, OK? :)

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